Few unsolved mysteries under Congress Rule. V 2.3.

  • As Dr. Subramanian Swamy says that Mr. Rahul Gandhi was arrested / detained at Boston airport with $ 160,000 in cash in Sep. 2001. Was it for the settlement of Bush V/s Gore case ?

Is is true that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi do Mandwali (settlement) @ International level. Then why would Mr. Rahul Gandhi travel from Boston to Washington. Is it true that Republican leader Mr. George W. Bush come to power using Al Vore as opposite candidate in each and every election using wrong means. ?

  • Massacre in Nepal Royal Family.

Is it true that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was behind Royal Family Massacre of Nepal.

Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, the chairman of the Nepalese Maoist Party, in a public gathering claimed that the massacre was planned by the Indian Intelligence agency RAW or the American CIA.

  • Mr. Vilas Rao Deshmukh dies & one Blog declares his death & its cause one week before his death.


Credit : @faltoo.

Was Mrs. Sonia Gandhi behind Mr. Vilas Rao Deshmukh’s death ?

  • Mr. Rajshekar Reddy passes away & around that time the diplomatic community claims that there was no need to open the dam gates that caused floods throughout Kadappa.

Later, Mr. Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy was suppressed from becoming Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. If he would have become CM, then all the facts would have been digged out, so they suppressed him & recently the Pilot who had spotted his plane died in another plane crash. ?

How Ambani's where not behind this — Source.

Was Mrs. Sonia Gandhi behind Mr. Rajshekar Reddy’s plan crash ?

  • When saints like Baba Ramdev explains that there is a sort of conspiracy going on within the Nation to convert citizens to Christianity, I never believed. But, when folks like Mr. Rajiv Malhotra articulates exactly the same. Then, I seriously thought over this.

Will it be accurate to say that, there is some foreign hand which is playing certain conspiracy for killing charismatic Indian leaders & marrying their children’s to either Christians or Muslims ( **** say for Example — Mr. Ritesh Deshmukh & Mr. Sachin Pilot ****). If it is true  then is Mrs. Sonia Gandhi behind killing  of Mr. Vilas Rao Deshmukh & Mr. Rajshekar Reddy). Was the lady even involved in killing  of Mr. Pramod Mahajan & Mr. Balasaheb Thackery ?

  1. Earlier prediction of Mr. Balasaheb Thackery’s death by Mr. Digvijay SinghSource.
  • So Brutal Rape Delhi after which the Central Government never cares for demands from Mrs. Sheila Dixit’s Government & that particular rape culprit hangs himself inside jail.

Was Mrs. Sonia Gandhi behind brutal Delhi Rape case & this brutal Delhi Rape was done to pressurise then Delhi Chief Minister Mrs. Sheila Dixit ?

  • Mr. Rajesh Pilot dies & then after years Mr. Sachin Pilot marries to a Muslim girl of Mr. Farooq Abdullah's family.

Did Mrs. Sonia Gandhi killed Mr. Rajesh Pilot with help from Mr. Farooq Abdullah. Which led the basis for formation of Government in Jammu and Kashmir ?

  • If Mr. Yedurrappa wanted to make money, won’t he had settled his both sons.

Did Mrs. Sonia Gandhi made fool of Mr. Yedurrappa, an inexperienced politician, where as there are other Politicians in Karnataka who have made huge money ?

  • I make a facebook update telling that behind a profile named Avinesh Singh it is some paid AAP client & suddenly the very next day Congress campaigning is done through Google ads. 


Is Mr. Rahul Gandhi himself behind that profile & all this AAP - Congress is all just nothing but a drama to line-up people far from Mr. Narendra Modi’s wave. Further, an AAP volunteer speaking against Mr. Chidambaram’s son establishes this fact. 

  1. Grand (alleged) AAP - Congress Conspiracy — Report
  2. Funding to very first Anna Hazare’s movement — Report.
  3. Funding to Mr. Arvind KejriwalReport.
  4. AAP wants Naxals in its fold — Report.
  5. Shri Shri Ravishanker’s view on AAP — Report.
  6. Kejriwal - India’s biggest scam — Report.

A video describing in detail the truth behind Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement.

  • Mr. Rajiv Gandhi dies after many years Mrs. Sonia Gandhi forgives the culprit.

Was Mrs. Sonia Gandhi behind Rajiv Gandhi’s death. (**** Mr. Kapil Sibbal, special secret mention ****) ?

  1. Conspiracy to kill Rajiv Gandhi, by K Ragothaman, former chief investigator of the CBI.
  • I told to someone from BJP; might be Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is involved in Nepal Royal Massacre & the very next day Pope  Francis comes up with a statement that “Internet a Gift from God”.

Did that news go to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi & whether She is agent of west ?

  • When India lost 2003 World Cup final Mr. Sourav Ganguly said that he had got a call from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi ?

Is it true that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi sometime do betting & match fixing ?

  • I never knew my simple Orkut Tagline will bring Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Stephen Knapp, Mr. Azim Premji to AIET & make Mrs. Sonia Gandhi pressurizing Mr. Narayan Murthy to issue rude statements & even make her bring recession in my own country.

The sole reason why Mr. Deve Gowda withdrew support from then Cong. — JD (S) government.

  • After the 2008 Mumbai Terror episode on Hotel Taj, why Kasab’s family wasn’t informed that he was going to be hanged ?

Is it true that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was behind Mumbai Terror Attack. ?

  • Why Ex-PM Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee did not attack Pakistan after Parliament attack, when both the countries where at the brink of war ?

Did he had doubt on Mrs. Sonia Gandhi as enemy within the country, so he better thought of not attacking Pakistan ? The prime culprit was secretly hanged at Delhi’s Tihar Jail and later buried inside jail grounds. His family was not informed prior to his execution and his dead body was later denied to his family,

  • While Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is in power, who dares to trouble Mr. Robert Vodara in DLF case ?

Will it be genuine to say that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is behind troubling his own son-in-law?

  • When youngsters of nation where scolding a lot to Congress Politicians on Social media. Mr. Digvijay Singh & Mr. Arjunsingh where most affected. Mr.  Arjunsingh suffers youth protest for quota in IIT’s & later dies & his grandson marries to the same lady whose name was taken during Nepal Royal Massacre.

Does it establishes two facts that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was behind Nepal Royal Massacre & even behind Mr. Arjunsingh’s death ?

  • Few days back there was a menace of phone tapping by power heads & Mr. Amarsingh was the most affected  with his personal life shown over Television & Internet, later he was expelled from Samajwadi Party. Now, it is heard that he is suffering from severe medical conditions.

But his dream of donating Mrs. Sonia Gandhi a car still remains unfulfilled.

  • When the Congress - JD (S) Government in Karnataka split in 2006 & Assembly was dissolved, JD (S) Supremo Mr. H. D. Deve Gowda just commented that “Kel jaati ya papa hechagide”. That means, the sin of Lower - Birth has raised. And, years later when he reached UP, our leader was not even treated properly. Making him say that he has become untouchable in Politics. ?

His son’s name was spoiled with Kannada actor Prema. A Congress worker making a call to Mr. Kumarswamy @ White Field. Spoiling his grandson’s name with street fights.  Was this all done by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi ? Lol.. No doubt if Mr. Deve Gowda gets chance, he will become Prime Minister. But, he never plays such bad Politics. 

And further would it be true to say that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was even behind death of Kannada actor Vishnu Wardhan & recent death of Shri. Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyer. ?

Mrs. Soniaji what will happen if Lingayat Gowdas, Vakkalge Gowdas, Reddys, Rajputs, Jats, Kumbhi Kshtraiya & Sikhs of this country unite against you ?

  • Did then JD(S) President Mr. Merajuddin Patel requested Mr. H. D. Deve Gowda to transfer power to Mr. B. S. Yeddyurappa (In Nov 2007).

Did this made Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to kill Prominent Muslim leader & very close, faithful aide of Mr. H. D. Deve Gowda. Ex - JD (S) President Mr. Merajuddin Patel, Humnabad, Bidar, Karnataka ?

  • Mr. Vilas Rao Deshmukh took along with him Mr. Ram Gopal Verma just after Mumbai Bomb blast & later he was removed from the post of Chief Minister.

Did Mrs. Sonia Gandhi killed Mr. Vilas Rao Deshmukh as he would have opened his mouth with respect to blasts in Mumbai & was She involved into that ?

  • Ms. Mayawati had come to Karnataka & created hell here, where She tried to adopt the same formula of union marriages among Bhramins, Rajputs, Dalits, Shudra, etc by Ms. Mayawati is practical today ?

************* Ms. Mayawati ************* 

If Ms. Mayawati of Uttar Pradesh was that good than her mentor Mr. Kansi Ram would not have got Stroke, Hypertension, Heart Attack, Clot in brain, etc in last days of his life. He got a severe heart attack in 2003 by seeing these forceful marriages.

If Mr. Kansi Ram was that good than he would not have made any request to declare working day on Mr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar’s birthday.

Humare Kansi Ram ka sapna ye hai….. Humare Kansi Ram…… I am feed up of hearing this.

Why Mr. Bheemrao Ambedkar hasn’t done anything for this country ?. And, when I hear this I get to hear “KHANSI RAM”.

From 1995 to 2003 Ms. Mayawati thrice became the Chief Minster of Uttar Pardesh (U.P) but she always took the help of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). During this period neither any dalit agenda was chalked out nor any effort was made in that direction. 

————————- Extract ————————-

It is a matter of regret that a party seeking political power in the name of dalits has not framed any agenda till to date as a result of which the dalits have been deprived of any gain coming from a government being run in their name. The result is that the dalits of U.P. are the most backward dalits in whole of India barring those of Bihar and Orissa. At present dalit politics has become a tool for power grabbing. It reached its height before 2007 Assembly elections.  

The Varna system of graded inequality became fully operative in the Party and dalits were further pushed to the margin. Mayawati’s personal corruption has percolated to all the branches of administration and U.P. has been assessed to be “an alarmingly corrupt state”. The funds intended for development works were spent on installation of statues including her own and creating royal memorials and parksSince 1990 UP has been deprived of any development and creation of employment opportunities.

This lack of development has adversely affected the dalits as a result of which they have become the most backward dalits in whole of India. 
On the contrary as a result of written and oral orders of Mayawati the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act-1989 has become inoperative. This act was intended to prevent atrocities and award stringent punishment to the perpetrators of atrocities on Dalits. The atrocity cases against dalits are taking place as before but they are not being registered by police. {Ex - Badaun case}.

In spite of all this burking of crime, UP stands first in whole of India in terms of crime against dalits. On account of this hold of Brahmins in the party, the people have started calling BSP as a Brahmins Samaj Party With a view to attract Most Backward Classes, Mayawati sent a recommendation to the Central Government for inclusion of 16 castes in the list of Schedule Castes. Earlier Shri. Mulayam Singh had also made a similar attempt which was opposed by dalits as it would have harmed their reservation quota.

————————- Extract ————————-

Source : Why Dalits Have Slammed Mayawatiji’s Sarvjan Formula?

************* Ms. Mayawati *************

  1. Is it true that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was behind troubling the most dignified & most famous Indian blogger Mr. Amit Agarwal’s family & hacking his site & later all those Brute - Force Attacks on Wordpress sites Worldwide ?

  2. Are all those cases Genuine that are shown under the National Slogan “SATYAMEV JAYATE" ? Should we blindly believe on those ?

  3. Ex PM Mr. A. B. Vajpayee lost his voice after they saw a video from my profile “Gagan Mein Leharta Bhagwaa Hamaraa”. Was Mrs. Sonia Gandhi behind this ?

What is that is driving Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to do all this ?

  • Is it true that Indian National Congress people where behind “Gulbarg Society massacre" & "Godhra train burning" in Gujarat, done by certain agents of Politicians of North Karnataka with links of Gujarati community living @ Gulbarga. ?

Induction of Dalits and backward classes in the administration of the Lord Venkateswara Temple @ Tirupati & head priest of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) is reported to have stolen temple jewellery worth Rs 10 lakh.

  • Is it true that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi gets herself involved into smuggling ?